My name is Reagan Henke. I'm a senior studying Psychology and Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I have experience as a software engineer with Best Nomos Medical and as a research assistant and editor.

In my free time, I manage my a cappella group. I'm a passionate musician and I love to sing. Go ahead and check out my Github or email me at rhenke@andrew.cmu.edu.

independent projects

I come up with ways to make things work better (and I have a lot of fun on the side).
Looking for my school related work? Check out my classwork section. These are projects I've taken on independently.


SpamBot is a Google Sheets add-on I wrote to get responses to Google Forms more efficiently. It parses the responses so far and sends timed email reminders to people it's still waiting on. SpamBot has a full user interface, allowing for customizable email content, timing, and respondant lists.

You can download SpamBot on the Google Store


PreferenceSorter is another Google Sheets add-on I wrote. For our a cappella group, we needed a way for each member to give input on songs ideas so we could rank them by preference. PreferenceSorter tracks User Properties and allows users to "upvote" or "downvote" each option using arrows in a sidebar menu.

You can download PreferenceSorter on the Google Store

8Bit Campus

8Bit Campus is a game I wrote using Python and Pygame, inspired by my time at college and a cappella competitions. I created all code, pixel art, sprites, and background music. It functions as an RPG like Pokemon, but on a college campus. Instead of battling, players can have "sing-off" style fights with other characters by hitting the right notes. You can find the demo code on my GitHub, and watch the demo in action on my Youtube.


You can find my single-page resume here.

Software Engineer Intern

Best Nomos Medical
(Summer 2016)

Over the summer I worked with Best Nomos Medical International in Pittsburgh, PA as a software engineer intern. I debugged software for radiation oncology and wrote tests for the new release. I also worked on the test database and bug reporting system.

Teaching Assistant

CMU Psychology Department

I worked as a teaching assistant for a research methods course at Carnegie Mellon. I helped teams create their research projects and software for running their experiments in Python and EPrime. I also compiled and analyzed class data.

Research Assistant

Dr. Janell Carroll / Cengage
(Summer 2015)

Last summer I interned for Dr. Janell Carroll and assisted with the latest release of her Sexuality Now textbook through Cengage. I edited chapters and created graphics for the text. I also implemented several online resources for Dr. Carroll.


I'm a senior with a major in psychology and a minor in computer science. In my four years at Carnegie Mellon, I've worked on a lot of interesting projects. Here's some of my relevant classwork and favorite projects.

Computer Science

15-323 Computer Music and Information Systems (Fall 2016)

Studied composition and computational techniques, as well as information systems and processing in real time environments. My final project was a Markov String Quartet Generator that was controlled by a TouchOSC app. You can watch a demo on my YouTube.

15-210 Parallel and Sequential Data Structures(Fall 2015)

Studied a variety of data structures and algorithms with a focus on parallelism. Familiar with Standard ML(SML) language.

15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems (Spring 2015)

Studied computer systems, familiar with C and machine level code. Code from this course can't be distributed, but projects included writing a cache, a shell, and experience with malloc and proxies.

15-150 Functional Programming (Spring 2015)

Experience with functional programming.

15-122 Principles of Imperative Programming (Fall 2014)

Experience with imperative programming, experience with C.

15-112 Fundamentals of Programming (Spring 2014)

Familiar with Python. My final project was a 2D array based program that could be used to design sweater knitting patterns. Demo is available on YouTube.


Research Methods in Cognitive Psychology
(Spring 2016)

Created a linguistic parsing task in python. The program measured reaction times, randomized conditions, computed hundreds of stimulation pairs, and saved a data file for each participant.

Music Cognition
(Spring 2016)

Created hundreds of wav files of music stimulation and created experiment program using EPrime software and inline coding conditions (based on C).


I've been president of my college a cappella group (the Treblemakers) for the last two years. In that time, I've learned a lot about what it takes to lead a group and take on large scale projects.

I manage every aspect of our 18 person group. We've booked a variety of paid gigs and won awards in competition. Just in the last two years, I've organized auditions for over 230 students. I understand time management and working under pressure.

I've planned two large scale concerts with 9 performing groups and over 400 attendees each. I understand what it takes to get different organizations to work together. I create and manage our budget, and I've tripled it in the last two years. I manage all travel, gigs, and performances, so I've learned to work with an incredible range of people.

Running a group like ours is a constantly developing project, and it's my job to keep us on track. Overall, I like to make good art, I work hard for a good product, and I can get a team to work together.

design / branding

Branding can be difficult. Creating a successful project isn't just about functionality, users have to like what they're seeing. That's what makes me valuable as a front end developer. Here are some things I've created for Treblemakers. Click any photo to open a gallery and use arrow keys to browse.

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